The Capital City Sailing Association was started by a group of sailing enthusiasts from the Jefferson City area in the spring of 2009. Their goal was to foster interest in sailing and create opportunities for sailing in Jefferson City. With Binder Lake only minutes away, the founders knew there was no need for a long drive to experience the excitement of sailing.

During fall 2009 and spring 2010, the organization focused on fleet-building and facilities. We partnered with Jefferson City Department of Parks and Recreation, and the partnership resulted in the building of a new facility at Binder Lake for storing sailboats. The facility is also used by the Parks Department Summer Day Camp program to introduce kids to sailing and kayaking. Also during that time, several of our members made trips to purchase boats for the club. The addition of the club boats and storage facility make it easier than ever to go for a quick sail.

The Association welcomes sailors of all experience levels. Some of our members have thousands of blue water miles under their belts, others are just learning to trim a sail. Our members are always looking for crew so there are plenty of opportunities to get on the water.
During the summer, CCSA hosts sailing events at Binder Lake several times a month. We also organize more structured events from time to time throughout the year. Check out our coming events calendar or contact one of our members for more information.


For its one design fleet, CCSA initially chose the JY15. The boat’s size is perfect for Binder lake, and because it is crewed by two people, it encourages teamwork and networking among club members.

The MC Scow is the newest addition to CCSA. The MC was designed in the midwest for inland lakes. This 16 foot boat has one sail (135 sq. ft.) and is 5′-8″ in beam. It is fast and staple, can be sailed solo or with a crew. As one of the fastest growing one-design fleets in North America, the MC Scow® is a true Melges original. Designed, engineered and built by Harry C. Melges Sr. and Buddy Melges in Zenda Wisconsin during the mid-’60s, it continues to be a great day sailor whether single- or double-handed. Check out the MC at www.mcscow.org.

Lasers are another boat sailed at CCSA. The Laser has evolved over the years into three separate classes: the Standard, the Radial and, now, the 4.7. In each case, the hull is identical and only the bottom mast section and sail are changed to create a completely new class – this is known as the Laser Form. For more information go to www.laser.org.

The club also welcomes small sailboats of other types. The club owns a Flying Junior and several members have other sailboats that are great for one person.

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