2015 Awards

The Capital City Sailing Association held its 8th annual Awards and Winter Gathering Banquet with a record attendance of 31 sailors. 2015 was a great year for CCSA.
• We ended the year with a total of 19 members.
• The Parks & Recreation Dept. installed a water line into our facility. This will allow us to keep the boats and dollies cleaner
• Our July Sailing classes had five students complete the course.
• In working with JC Parks and Re on youth sailing sessions more than twenty younger sailors were introduced to sailing.
• CCSA now has 7 Club Boats; a Flying Scott, 3 JY-15s, a Laser, a Mega-byte and a Sunfish.
• There is a new fleet of six Mega-bytes.

The 2015 Sailing Awards went to the top five places for the spring and a fall series of races this past year.
Janet Weckenborg 5th (tie) Overall – 6th Spring & 5th fall series
Steve Meyer 5th (tie) Overall – 8th Spring & 3rd Fall Series
Leszek Vincent 4th Overall – 6th Spring & 4th Fall series
Paul Rudder 3rd Overall – 7th Spring & 3rd Fall series
Gene Vogel 2nd Overall – 3rd Spring & 2nd Fall series
Jim Crabtree 1st overall – 1st Spring & 1st Fall series
Other Awards:
Most Improved Sailor – Gene Vogel
Dedicated Crew Award – Gwen Morris
Commodores Award for Outstanding Service – Doug Van Camp

2016 Calendar
Feb 27th: A workshop on racing rules will be held on February 27th. I will have the ‘Learn The Racing Rules through 2016’ – a two-part DVD set by David Dellenbaugh and North U that explains the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing
March 12th will be our spring planning meeting for the 2016 season in March. Watch the website JCSAILING.org for more details.
April 23rd CCSA Work Day
April 30th – Opening Day (89 days away

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