CCSA 2013 sailing awards

Captial City Sailing Association

CCSA Sailing awards were presented to members recognizing the 2013 accomplisments. The first set of awards were presented by the Commodore to to sailors for their cumlative results on the race course. Awards were given to eight places. These awards reflect the Spring and Fall Race Series which encompassed 12 races.

The results inluded:
1st Jim Crabtree
2nd Leszek Vincent
3rd Paul Rudder
4th Janet Weckenborg
5th Dan Goldstein
6th Jamie Rasmussen
7th Luc Goldstein
8th Steve Meyer

Three sailors were upifted for special recognition. These included the Most Improved Sailing Award, The Commodere’s Award for Service and the Bottom’s-Up Award for most the dramatic capsize.

The recepients include:
Most Improved Sailing Award – Traci Newberry
The Commodere’s Award was awarded to Steve Meyer for his dedicated service
Bottom’s-Up Award for the most dramatic capsize went to Paul Rudder

Congratulations Sailors on your 2013 sailing season accomplishments!

Jim Crabtree – Commodore

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